To Retweet or Not To Retweet

I read a post titled "Preserve Peace of Mind on Twitter by Disabling Retweets" and started to wonder how much peace of mind I might preserve by doing this tech tweak of tweets.

I have a few friends who have been trying "no tech days" or "no social media" weekends. I don't do any longterm unplugging unless I'm on vacation and have lost the connection. I do deliberately leave the phone behind sometimes on walk in the woods or dates with my wife. But sometimes I want the phone camera to record things and sometimes I upload those pictures or announce my location or activities.

Retweets (RT) on Twitter (to repost someone else’s tweet to your own followers) and Shares and Likes on Facebook and other social networks are a big part of the social experience.

As the article points out, retweets can promote community and boost the reach of stories (including your own) and point you to new people.

But there are people who seem to retweet a lot more than say anything original. To be kind, I could say that they are helping to filter things of interest for you from the landslide of things out there. But retweeting is also a spammish way to try to gain followers (along with following everybody you can find).

You can disable retweets from a particular account without unfollowing the account and still get their original tweets. Some people do that using a Twitter client (like Tweetbot) and you can do it in Twitter (more details in that article).

But should you?

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