Streaming TV Players

 Apple TV - MC572LL/A NEWEST MODEL Roku XD Streaming Player 1080p

So many ways to watch TV besides the traditional way.

I'm a Netflix user and was very tempted to buy their Roku streaming player (less than $100 bucks) which gives you movies on demand, all you can eat, with your Netflix subscription.

But they keep adding devices on which you can instantly watch movies and TV shows.

Now I see that Netflix will be on Google TV devices that will be available later this month. Here’s Google’s announcement about it -

The choices are (like a lot of technology these days) overwhelming to the point of me making no purchase at all. (Still hung up deciding on the iPhone versus Android when the iPhone goes on Verizon.)

Apple TV's newest model, Boxee Box by D-Link, and the Roku XD Streaming Player all sound pretty good.

Any recommendations. dear reader, based on actual experiences using one of them?

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