Oscar Snubs

Entertainment Weekly did a feature where some of their writers talk about what they feel went wrong with the Oscar nominations. Here are some of their snubs that I agree with -

500 Days

The Blind Side nom [for best picture] is bull crap. No 500 Days of Summer is even bigger bull crap. It should have made the list even if there were only 5 picture noms. —Moss

Julianne Moore being shut out of a [supporting actress] nomination in favor of Cruz and Gyllenhaal was a travesty. Gyllenhaal was the single worst thing about Crazy Heart: I didn't believe a minute of her performance (and her Southern accent was as laughable as Gerard Butler's ''American'' one). And Cruz seemed to be coasting on the fumes of her Vicky Cristina Barcelona win last year. —amielle

Moore looking very Ann Margret

Anthony Mackie in The Hurt Locker - It was so sad [he didn't score a Supporting Actor nod]. They were on the Today show, and Kathryn [Bigelow, the director] and Jeremy [Renner, the lead actor] are nominated, but not him. Too bad — because he is the heartbeat of that film. —helno

2012 got snubbed for Best Visual Effects. Crap movie — but you'd think that category, at least, would be a given. —Rob Grizzly

Their other snubs are at

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