Psychedelica Fish

A brightly-colored fish which moves oddly along the seabed using hand-like fins and puffing out water from its gills has been hailed as a new species by scientists and has been dubbed psychedelica.

The fish was spotted by scuba divers off the island of Ambon in eastern Indonesia. It's hard to believe in our information age of computer databases, but the species was actually first discovered almost 20 years ago. Turns out that it sat on a shelf - wrongly labeled until it came to light when the divers were unable to identify the fish from photographs.

It belongs to the frogfish family and is completely covered in swirling concentric stripes - white and blue on a peach background - radiating out from its aqua-colored eyes. It has a broad flat face, thick fleshy cheeks and chin, and eyes that look forward like a human or other predator (rather than the sideways eyes of most prey).