The Dangers of Having No Landline Phone

The Centers for Disease Control realized how important it was to account for cell-phone-only households when it did its health surveys. It isolated those households without landlines and found higher use of alcohol and tobacco, less health insurance, and other "risky behaviors."

I would have suspected that that might be because they were younger and more likely to take risks, but age and even income were not the key factors.

"Old-fashioned" landlines are now in less than half of U.S. homes now. These "Daredevils Without Landlines" are the majority of U.S. homes and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks them through their National Health Interview Survey. That in-person survey with more than 40,000 households annually is conducted face-to-face by Census Bureau interviewers. It contacts landline households, wireless-only households, households that have no service at all.

People who are wireless-only are more likely to smoke, more likely to binge drink, more likely to be uninsured.

What is going on with wireless-only people?

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