Having an Online Degree on Your Resume

Online degrees have existed since the late 1990s, and online courses and distance learning has been around even longer. All of those are much more "accepted" than they were 20 years ago.

At one time, employers were hesitant to consider hiring job applicants who earned their degrees online. It was a time when there were legitimate concerns bout the legitimacy of online degrees and about some of the less academic institutions that were giving them out.

As more colleges got better at the delivery models and established quality standards, acceptance grew. Of course, companies that hired graduates of online programs and found the to be good employees helped too.

Acceptance came first in technology industries where trust for learning online seemed more natural.

U.S. News published an article, "4 Questions Employers Ask About Job Applicants With Online Degrees."

In brief, those questions are:

1. Is the online program regionally or nationally accredited.
2. Why did you choose to pursue a degree online?
3. Did you develop skills in teamwork and group collaboration through the program?
4. To what extent were you able to interact with the program's other students?

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