Blog Action Day 2013: Human Rights

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On October 16th, thousands of bloggers from around the world will be participating in a global conversation about Human Rights. 

Are you a blogger? Make sure you are part of this exciting blogging event by registering your blog and planning your post.  Register your blog now in English,  Español or Português

You can do a Group Blog Post by working with other bloggers. You can cover a particular issue in more depth or from different angles, and post across all of your sites. 

Do a Blog Swap or invite Guest Bloggers: By doing your Blog Action Day post do as a blog swap or as a guest blogger on another site, you have the opportunity to interact with new audiences who you wouldn’t have reached otherwise. 

Need some background information to write your post?  Take a look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It was developed by the United Nations in 1948 and has 30 different articles that each represent a particular Human Right. Go through the articles and find one that resonates with you, then spend a few minutes reflecting on why you relate to it and you will quickly find that you have the beginnings of your Blog Action Day post.

Below is a Blog Action Day promo video that you can use on your site or share via social networks to encourage others to participate in Blog Action Day. Watch it, but also register to take part in Blog Action Day.

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