NJEDge.Net 14th Annual Faculty Best Practices Showcase

Audience at the Royal Geographical Society lecture at City Hall, Brisbane, November 1946
Royal Geographical Society lecture, Brisbane, November 1946 - Flickr Commons
The 14th Annual NJ Faculty Best Practices Showcase will be held at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey, on Friday, March 15th, 2013.  The Academic Technology Group (ATG) of NJEDge.Net sponsors the event.

The showcase features presentations and poster sessions on technology-mediated instruction by faculty, researchers and professional staff on the newest applications and the latest ideas about learning activities for on-ground, blended and online courses.

I will be the luncheon speaker this year and I will be speaking about “Academia and the MOOC.”

The New York Times said that 2012 was “the year of the MOOC” and EDUCAUSE said that they have “the potential to alter the relationship between learner and instructor and between academe and the wider community.” Many of the elite universities are offering these Massive Open Online Courses, but most colleges and educators are still unsure about what MOOCs are and if they are worthwhile.

Can a course where the participants and the course materials are distributed across the web and the courses are "open" and offered at no cost to a very large number of participants who do not receive institutional credit be a worthwhile venture for a college?

In this presentation, I will briefly cover some history of the development of  MOOCs, and talk about the possible benefits and problems for schools and students.