Katy and The Simpsons

I am way behind on my must-see television viewing. That's a result of the DVR recording so much stuff. I don't miss shows anymore.

So, I just got to some episodes of The Simpsons. I have been following that ultimate TV family since they showed up on Fox's The Tracey Ullman Show 23 years ago.

Subject for today: the 2010 Christmas special. That episode was the family reimagined as Muppet-like puppets. It ended with a little dirty joke using a live human guest star - Katy Perry.

I have to throw it into the context of last December when Katy visited Sesame Street to do a musical duet with Elmo. That segment got bumped because PBS thought her dress (and acting?) was too risque for the kids. The bit did get a lot of YouTube play - 15 million and counting - see bottom)

Katy (who knows very well how to package herself) makes an unannounced holiday stop at the Simpsons' house in in a plastic red mini-dress decorated in the faces of Simpsons characters. She's there because she thinks it's the home of her boyfriend Moe.

"That's right. She's into puppets!" says Moe.

She calms Mr. Burns with a hug and kiss.

"I kissed a girl," Burns says, "and I liked it."

Watching and commenting Muppets-style from the balcony is Grandpa

If the Simpsons video has been pulled down and the embed below doesn't work, I wouldn't be surprised. Fox is pretty tough on Simpsons reuse. The spoiler for that last joke (after the credits) is at the very bottom.

Katy and Elmo teach grownups about opposites.
Kids need to learn it somewhere else.

Spoiler: When Moe tries to kiss Katy and can't reach her lips, he says he'll just kiss her belly button and gives her a smooch. "Uh, that's not my belly button," Katy responds suggestively.

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