More Video Than Anyone Needs

Last month, Netflix upped my fee a buck a month to get DVDs or stream unlimited TV episodes and movies to my computer or TV.

I could stay at the original price ($7.99 a month) if I didn't want any DVDs.

On most evenings in Paradelle I will watch some TV. A lot of it is programming recorded on the DVR. Sometimes it's a DVD. I haven't really gotten into the streaming. I have watch a few movies on my laptop, but that's not my kind of viewing experience. I haven't bought a TV or device (yet) to make the streaming process there easy, so...

As Netflix said in their email to me:

Our selection of TV episodes and movies available to stream has grown dramatically, and as a result most members want us to deliver unlimited TV episodes and movies two ways: streaming instantly over the internet plus DVDs by mail. The price increase will allow us to continue to offer the popular plan choice of unlimited TV episodes and movies streaming instantly along with unlimited DVDs. The new plan, which does not include DVDs, is a great option for the increasing number of members who only want to watch instantly. The $7.99 a month price reflects no DVD shipping costs on this plan.
Of course, one of my fears is that the more there is to watch, the more I will watch. I'm already almost always reading a magazine or playing with my iPad while I watch. (Foreign films with subtitles is a good antidote to this.)

Why didn't Netflix offer a plan that includes only DVDs by mail?  Because those are the dinosaurs. Netflix members are already watching more TV episodes and movies streamed instantly over the Internet than on DVDs, and they expect that trend to continue.

Too much information, indeed.

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