Word of the Summer

Merriam-Webster selected its hot and buzzy "Word of the Summer." The odd part is that it's not really a word.

Their choice is "refudiate."

Sarah Palin got creative with "refute" and "repudiate" and did a blend when she was on some news show and then later on her Twitter page. This led to a lot of searches on the Merriam-Webster online dictionary during the summer for both of those words and the non-existent "refudiate."

When Palin was hit with criticisms about her goof, she pointed out that Shakespeare often created new words.

To save you a few clicks...
refute = to prove something wrong or deny its truth or accuracy
repudiate = to refuse any connection with something or reject it as untrue or unjust

So, is refudiate a Palindrone? Don't laugh. It is.

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