Please Rob Me

If you use Twitter you know that people post messages telling you where they are at the moment. Are those dangerous posts?

Location-aware applications are big. Your cell phone knows where you are - that means that someone who can access that information knows where you are - and where you're not, like at home.

Services like Foursquare allow you note where you are and claim the place as your own.

The crew at Forthehack created a site called which has gotten a lot of attention by pulling data from Twitter about people who are not at home.

Is it a warning about the lack of Internet privacy, a tool for thieves, or a reminder about how much private information people are now GIVING AWAY online?

The creators say that now they want to "offer this website to a professional foundation, agency or company that focuses on raising awareness, helping people understand and provide answers to online privacy related issues."

Forthehack describes itself as a "concept and idea factory" (Just for the HACK of it!). Of course, these are the folks who came up with an app last year that answered the question that so many of you have clamored to know: How big is your e-Penis?

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