What I've Learned About the Meaning of Life

Esquire The Meaning of Life: Wisdom, Humor, and Damn Good Advice from 64 Extraordinary Lives
There's a book that collects some of Esquire’s popular “What I’ve Learned” columns. They print answers (to questions we don't see) from actors, directors, musicians, economists, leaders and politicians.

Should you expect to find the meaning of life in these words? I would think there's a better chance of finding wisdom there than in Monty Python's The Meaning of Life film.

Peter Fonda  "Everybody wants the world to be like them."
Les Paul  "It's not technique — it's what you have to say."
Warren Miller  "In a hundred years, all new people." 
Clint Eastwood "Barack Obama was unimaginable back when I was a kid."
Evander Holyfield  "At some point in life, you find it's not about skin color."

Are there lessons? If you find them. There's no one "meaning" to be found, that's for sure.

The profiles include Robert Altman - George Carlin - George Clooney - Tony Curtis - Ray Charles - Johnny Depp - Snoop Dogg - Faye Dunaway - Clint Eastwood - Eminem - Michael J. Fox - Joe Frazier - John Kenneth Galbraith - Mikhail Gorbachev - Woody Harrelson - Dustin Hoffman - Jesse Jackson - Ted Kennedy - Elmore Leonard - Jerry Lewis - Arthur Miller - Keith Richards - Oliver Stone - Gore Vidal - Ted Williams...

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