A Year In 60 Seconds

Eirik Solheim has been experimenting with using still images from the same spot on his balcony in Oslo and creating a kind of "time lapse" video.

He did one in 2008 and has gotten a few million folks to check out his work (two million views on YouTube in addition to about one million on Vimeo and hundreds of thousands of views and downloads from other web sites).

He bought a Canon 5D Mark II which allows you to shoot stills and HD video, so it did it again in 2009.

A little bit different technique - shooting 30 second video clips each time and dissolving between clips for a kind of time lapse effect but with full motion.

He has several versions online.

I like this one shot with the wider 24mm lens that shows a year in 60 seconds. Here are about 60 zen (small z) moments for you. I like the wind...

My Ivory Cellar: The Story of Time-Lapse Photography

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  1. Lovely...thank you.. I love the appearance of the children at the end...