The Solar Cooker Project

Women in Darfur are threatened by the simple task of leaving their refugee camp to gather firewood for cooking. The chances of their being attacked, raped or murdered are high.

The Solar Cooker Project protects women by allowing them to remain with their families and cook using solar cookers.

So, this project not only serves to protect women, but also provides them with income opportunities through manufacturing solar cookers, training others to use the cookers, and making carrying bags to increase the cookers life span. It gives the women a sense of pride to be able to contribute to their household.

This project is active in the e Iridimi, Touloum and Oure Cassoni refugee camps in Chad. Jewish World Watch plans to initiate this project in other refugee camps with the goal of reducing the number of crimes committed against refugee women.

A large number of organizations support this project.

A $30 contribution starts a family using two cookers.

Watch this video about the project.

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