Online-Only Catalogs

I like looking at the catalogs from Patagonia, even if the clothing is too expensive for me. Lots of companies have online catalogs along with their print ones. But we know that print is dead - or dying.

So, Patagonia has its first-ever online-only catalog. Great photography, videos and interactive product pages. And it happens to be their surf line catalog just in time for the big waves of winter.

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Patagonia is also quite environmentally/socially conscious.

The Environmental Defense Fund's Paper Calculator is a cool tool that can show the resources they saved by not printing this catalog:

WOOD USE – 175 tons/1,222 trees
NET ENERGY – 2,805 million BTUs
GREENHOUSE GASES – 598,206 lbs. CO2 equivalent
WASTEWATER – 1,506,301 gallons
SOLID WASTE – 220,860 lbs.

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