International Human Rights Day and Tibet

Today, December 10th, is International Human Rights Day - a day to take action for those who have been denied their human rights. Today also marks 20 years since His Holiness the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his tireless pursuit for a peaceful resolution to the Tibet issue.

Inside Tibet, the struggle for human rights and freedom continues. Just days ago, Tibetans in eastern Tibet made an emotional appeal to Chinese authorities to grant revered Buddhist leader, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a re-trial. He is currently serving a life sentence for a crime he did not commit. Read more:

Please Take 5 Simple Actions for Human Rights in Tibet:

1. Send a Human Rights Day message to the Chinese government:

2. Call for the release of Tibetan heroes like Tenzin Delek Rinpoche and other Tibetan political prisoners:

3. Support Climate Justice for Tibetan Nomads and follow SFT's team at the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Under the guise of environmental protection, Chinese authorities have displaced hundreds of thousands of Tibetan nomads off their traditional land. Speak out against this culturally and environmentally destructive policy:

Follow our Copenhagen team – under the banner of "Tibet Third Pole" – on Twitter: and join the "Tibet Third Pole" Facebook fan page:

Visit the blog where they will post daily videos, photos, and updates:

4. Vote in the Chase Challenge and help SFT win $25,000:

The challenge ends at midnight tomorrow, Friday, December 11th and the 100 organizations with the most votes will each win $25,000. There's no donation needed, just the click of your mouse.

5. Help "Put Tibet Back on the Map":

SFT has joined forces with the International Tibet Support Network to launch this unique initiative. By purchasing a "tile" on the online map of Tibet you will help to remove the wash of red color - symbolizing China's occupation - and reveal the vibrant and colorful map of Tibet hidden beneath.

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