Got An Hour To Kill?

You're online. It's like TV with a billion channels - and you still don't know what to watch.
Give each of these a few minutes. Something will catch you.  naked from the neck up and into la petite mort

  1.  I like snooping into writers' spaces
  2.   yes, you can drip paint on a canvas
  3.   music + images and you adjust the mood settings
  4.   morphing presidents and other things you don't need to see
  5.  set the alarm clock for that hour in another tab
  6.  Leo or someone is almost always broadcasting
  7.  always something on sale
  8.  check a website URL for bullshit  (This site only had a small amount - 6 terms.)
  9.   The Global Consciousness Project is meaningful correlation of random data. Hey, it's at Princeton!  Then again, that's still New Jersey...
  10.   What's everyone else searching for?

Got a nominee for my next list of oddities?  Leave a link and a line below and I'll check it out.

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