The Swell Season

Back in 2007, I saw the low-budget indie musical Once and was surprised and taken away by it.

Glenn Hansard and young Czech singer Marketa Irglova played the struggling musicians who start a tentative relationship in Dublin.

They became a couple in real life.

The film took off.

They went on a world tour.

Once became a best-selling soundtrack.

They won an Academy Award for the movie's "Falling Slowly."

The have since split up (amicably) as a couple but still record and tours as The Swell Season. Hansard also plays in the Irish band, The Frames.

I actually prefer Marketa Irglova's (classically trained Czech pianist and vocalist) pieces, but I can't find any solo efforts by her.

Here's a track from their new CD, Strict Joy, that features her.

The name "The Swell Season" comes from Hansard's favorite novel by Josef Škvorecký from 1975 bearing the same title.

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