Best Beach Books Ever

I never quite understood the "beach book" genre. I know it means more lightweight, entertaining reading. The thing is, especially in my teaching years, summer was one of the few times I had to do ANY outside reading, so I tended to read whatever was on my "to read" list. If the book happened to be non-fiction of Literature, it didn't much matter.

If you are a serious novelist, would being on the beach book list be an insult?

Last month, NPR asked folks to send in nominations for the Best Beach Books Ever and they ended up with 600 titles. Then their book reviewers, editors and producers cut it to 200 titles, which they now offer for voting.

NPR gives its own definition as books that are "enthralling enough to inoculate vacation-goers against the vagaries of missed flights and bad weather" and acknowledges that while many "great books" aren't beach book that both The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice were popular nominees.

If you choose to vote, you get to pick 10 books to create their final list of 100. They will post the final tally on July 29 and I'll post my own ten choices from their list.

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