I Love Your Book. Will You Sign My Kindle?

A recent New York Times article talks about a Kindle reader who asked David Sedaris at a reading to sign his Kindle (where he had Sedaris' book downloaded). Sedaris wrote “This bespells doom” with his signature on the back of the gent's device.

He tells the Times that he has actually signed at least five other Kindles, plus some iPods (audiobook fans) and, because it is David Sedaris, he has also signed an artificial leg.

“Last year in Austin I signed an actual leg, and its owner had my signature tattooed into her flesh. The night before that, a nursing mother offered me a taste of her pre-pumped breast milk, and I took her up on it.”

I'm glad that readers who use electronic devices to read or listen to books are getting equal treatment.
I used to feel guilty about listening to books on tape (then CDs and now on an iPod), but I don't feel guilty anymore. I also don't feel guilty listening to a writer read his work aloud, or reading my own words to an audience. I loved reading to my kids. I loved having them read to me.

It does sadden me that little bookstores can't get a piece of the download market, so you really should buy a book at a reading if you want it signed. I'd hate to see it come down to being like those sports shows where you pay ten bucks to have some retired athlete sign his rookie card.

Of course, how many signatures can you get on the back of a Kindle? A half dozen?

Maybe the author can type his name as a note on the frontpiece of his downloaded book.

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