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Not that I get to travel outside the United States very much, but - I came across this list from an 1881 etiquette manual titled Our Deportment by John H. Young.

Looking at it now is an interesting guide to the methods of greeting used in some countries.

No guarantees about the current application of these. Some of them sound questionable even for 1881.

Global readers, please feel free to educate us on current greetings!

In SOUTHERN AFRICA, it is the custom to rub toes.

In LAPLAND, your friend rubs his nose against yours.

The TURK folds his arms upon his breast and bends head very low.

The MOORS OF MOROCCO have a somewhat startling mode of salutation: they ride at a gallop toward a stranger, as though they would unhorse him, and when close at hand suddenly check their horse and fire a pistol over the person’s head.

The EGYPTIAN asks you, “How do you perspire?” letting his hand fall to the knee.

The CHINESE bows low and inquires, “Have you eaten?”

The SPANIARD says, “God be with you, sir,” or, “How do you stand?”

And the NEAPOLITAN piously remarks, “Grow in holiness.”

The GERMAN asks, “How goes it with you?”

The FRENCHMAN bows profoundly and inquires, “How do you carry yourself?”

I'm not really sure what a guide would say today about greeting an AMERICAN: Hello? What's up? How you doing?

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