The Hardy Boys

The Secret of the Old Mill (Hardy Boys, Book 3) The Secret of the Old Mill by Franklin W. Dixon

You have to get past the idea that you CAN give a Hardy Boys book you really liked when you were 10 years old 4 stars AND you can give a book of poetry you really liked 40 years later the same rating.

So, I feel no guilt about having read every Hardy Boys I could get my hands on when I was a kid. My mom bought them for me as rewards, and when I was home sick from school for a few days. Thanks Mom, you helped make me a reader!

I particularly remember this one with its counterfeit money, national security, an old mill AND a character named Ken.

I got to know the town of Bayport, Frank and Joe, their friend Chet, their girlfriends Callie (Frank) and Iola very well.

Joe dated Iola with that odd and exotic name - but she was the sister of Chet, so even with her green eyes, she came from ordinary stock. Who did you prefer - Frank or Joe; Iola or Callie (Ginger or Maryann; Betty of Veronica).

I also recall in my kindergarten days watching a few Hardy Boys TV shows (starring Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk) on the Mickey Mouse Club.

If you like the Hardy Boys, check the extensive Hardy Boys info on Wikipedia created by fans.

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