Quotes From Students

A few lines from this week's papers passed on to me by a colleague...

After you read the thirtieth essay, some of this starts to sound very wise. Then you get up, make some coffee, take a few sips and return to the papers and you realize that it's gibberish.

“Rome’s Empire fell and America’s has not, because Rome has suffered from their imagination and America is suffering from debt”
The professor suggested that one might prefer to fall with imagination, then succeed in debt.
It makes me think of Woody talking to Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story:

"That wasn't flying! That was... falling with style!"

Another from a student paper where the topic was the need for “discipline and laws.”
“If they was not to exist there would be chaos at a constant rate.”
What would Albert have thought about that?

And finally
“What may not surprise you is the fact that the football players, just like the gladiators, are expandable.”

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  1. Can't say i envy you. Just like with reading internet blogs, reading essays like that might end up making you inadvertently dumber since you are constantly bombarded with it. With my students, they just make up their own code like < make big > so it's easier to find what's wrong since there is only one answer.